Plotly for R - Multi-Layer Plots

If you are new to plotly, consider first reading our introductory post: Introduction to Interactive Graphics in R with plotly Often when analyzing data, it is necessary to produce a complex plot that requires multiple graphical layers. In plotly, multi-layer plots can be specified as a pipeline of data manipulations (dplyr only) and visual mappings. This is possible because dplyr verbs can be used on a plotly object to modify the underlying data.
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Introduction to Interactive Graphics in R with plotly

R users adore the ggplot2 package for all things data visualization. Its consistent syntax, useful defaults, and flexibility make it a fantastic tool for creating high-quality figures. Although ggplot2 is great, there are other dataviz tools that deserve a place in a data scientist’s toolbox. Enter plotly. plotly is a high-level interface to plotly.js, based on d3.js which provides an easy-to-use UI to generate slick D3 interactive graphics.
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