Developing R Packages with usethis and GitLab CI: Part III

While developing your R package, you will want to make sure the code it contains is as clean as possible and that your package build and testing times are as efficient as you can make them. There are a number of tricks and tools at your disposal to accomplish these aims. This post, the third in a series that covers R package development, will introduce a few of those and demonstrate how they can improve your package development process.
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Tracking private R dependencies with packrat & git submodules

Here at Methods we often use RStudio’s packrat package to version our package dependencies and help ensure our work is reproducible. Packrat handles public packages on CRAN or Github just fine, but we have a lot of internal packages hosted privately on Gitlab that we’d like to have packrat manage like the rest of our dependencies. This comes up very naturally for us, as we often make client-specific R packages we then want to use in other work for that client.
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