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Methods Consultants is a Michigan-based data science consulting firm whose statisticians, programmers, and engineers rely heavily on open source software and the freely shared expertise of others. We could never have built a sustainable consulting business model without these resources, and hence our motivation for this blog is to pay back the community by contributing our own experiences and lessons learned.

The work of our team crosses the disciplinary boundaries of statistics, a field whose primary goal is to explain, and machine learning, a field whose primary goal is to predict. We recognize that there are countless of other resources online - including some we have produced ourselves - that introduce quantitative concepts to research novices. We hope with this blog to go beyond the basics and provide solutions to common challenges faced by active and experienced real-world data scientists. As such, our coverage will sometimes cover programming and other times cover interpretation of statistical outputs. This blog should be a useful resource for anybody who, like us, believes that the best models do not only predict (as the best machine learning models do), or do not only explain (as the best statistical models do), but instead provide both insight into the future and a peek into the black box of causality.


You can find our R-related content at both R-Bloggers and R Weekly.

If you’d like to see or include our posts somewhere else, let us know!